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Basic Montessori Principles

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Written by: Kara Rones from @momtessori101 Montessori philosophy is a reality-based educational approach that aids children in preparation for life and encompasses growth of the whole child—mind, body, and spirit.…

Montessori & Practical life Part 2

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-Written by guest blogger Angie de Mink “ The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one’s self” Dr Maria Montessori. Independence is, in fact, the…

Montessori & Screen time

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Many parents ask about Montessori aligned screen time recommendations and I want to point out that we are a Montessori at home community so we will always advise best practice.…

Creating a Montessori Self-Care Station

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– Written by Sylvia Arotin The biggest part of Montessori at Home is getting children involved in the day to day activities. These practical life activities form the foundation of…

Montessori and Mealtimes

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– Written by Sylvia Arotin & Caroline Baughman We all know how stressful and difficult mealtimes can be! Effective communication is something that can really assist when your child is…