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Sukanya Nath & Joe Kumar Story

Montessori education success stories

What were your struggles?

Having no family support or guidance I was completely clueless on how to deal with my headstrong 2 year old daughter. I was often losing my calm and didn’t appreciate the parent I was becoming. We noticed some big emotions as my daughter moved into her toddler years, getting her to do everyday tasks like brushing her teeth, getting dressed or leaving home to meet friends was challenging.

We would hear a lot of “ I don’t want to do that”, “I don’t like that plan” and it used to take us close to an hour at times to just get her to brush her teeth. Having to do this everytime and everyday left me feeling totally drained. There were also some temper tantrums when she didn’t get what she wanted and due to sheer exhaustion we have ended up giving in.

How did Guide & Grow help?

Sylvia is extremely knowledgeable in the Montessori approach to educate not only children but also parents. We can’t thank Sylvia enough for saving my sanity and helping my family in ways we can’t fully express in words. We attended the communication workshop through Guide & Grow and consulted with her a few times and it provided us with vital information in understanding our toddlers needs. Sylvia has helped us all the way listening to our everyday challenges and providing us with practical solutions.

When we started applying these techniques my daughter started to respond right away, it actually felt like magic at times and we noticed a HUGE change in our daughter’s ways. We now have a calmer household, a happy toddler and a confident parent. We are truly grateful for having met Sylvia and Guide & Grow, we couldn’t have done it without her guidance and support. Thank you Sylvia for helping us become better parents!

Petra Ohrazdova & Warren Moore Story

Montessori education success stories

What were your struggles?

Until I met Sylvia I felt quite hopeless as I struggled to understand my son. His behaviour was very challenging and I had no clue what to do, how to make him listen or do what I needed. I always believed parenting is a natural skill that we would gain by becoming a parent, how wrong I was.

How did Guide & Grow help?

There is so much to learn and all those tools that Sylvia is using work unbelievably well. Sylvia patiently guided us through our every day struggles, always asked for specific examples and surprisingly, all her answers and advice were very simple and made absolute sense. Once we started applying the knowledge and using those simple tools, my son started to respond very differently.

All of a sudden there was a calm boy, who felt understood. Instead of me asking him to do things he started to think for himself, make his own choices and understand consequences. Understanding and expressing his feelings was a great step forward that took the frustration away and suddenly he was able to focus on an activity of his choice and loved learning. I had no idea he could do all that!!! I wish every parent would be as lucky as I am to have Sylvia by their side for every step while learning about their little one’s great potential. I owe her my life!


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