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Now we offer a broader range of Montessori-inspired courses, events, and community experiences, all designed to empower and enlighten your parenting journey. 

And to celebrate this special occasion, we’ve got a gift for you – a brand new free guide on Transforming Meltdowns into Moments of Connection! Welcome to our village!

Dive into one of the world's largest Montessori communities: Unparalleled support & shared growth

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We dream of a world where every child can thrive, learn, and unleash their full potential. Our goal is to make Montessori accessible to everyone, creating spaces filled with respect, curiosity, and a love for learning. We provide families and educators with the tools, support, and insights they need for their little ones to flourish. Together, we’re nurturing a community where every child feels loved, understood, and empowered to grow. By raising tomorrow’s children we are laying the foundations for a better world.

Lucie & Sylvia

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Discover practical, easy-to-implement strategies to gently navigate your child’s emotional outbursts, while maintaining your own sense of calm.

Our Courses

Discover our selection of courses designed to empower you with knowledge, strategies, and confidence. Each course is a step towards crafting a nurturing, respectful, and inspiring environment for your child’s growth and learning.
Your Ultimate Montessori Parenting Course for 0 - 3

Montessori Beginnings

Navigate the complexities of early childhood with grace, confidence, and profound understanding. From fostering independence to nurturing joy and resilience, this roadmap equips you with the tools, strategies, and insights you’ll need to unlock the full potential of your baby or toddler.

Montessori 3–6 Curriculum Course

A comprehensive video guide through the 3–6 Montessori classroom or home environment and all its materials.

I find live sessions with Q&A’s among the most inspiring experiences as a Montessorian. If you are looking for peaceful, actionable solutions for the home and classroom rather than mere theory, Childhood Potential has you covered.

Mary, USA

It has a lot of helpful information about Montessori. It’s fun to hear perspectives and tricks from people all around the world.

Hannah, USA

Lots of information and got answers to all my questions, which brought me great peace of mind. Absolutely love it!

Diana, France

I am coming back every year since Corona times! Every event is the best investment you can do to yourself and for your children as a parent and teacher! Lifelong learning for our children and a better future!

Bianca, Portugal

This project offers something to everyone, whether they are brand new to Montessori, a veteran, or anywhere in between. There is a growing selection of topics and presenters, and the passion of the organizers really comes through. I sincerely recommend it.

Andrea, Canada

I am always inspired and walk away with at least a handful of practical ideas I put into practice right away in our multicultural homeschool.

Sophie, USA

I tell about your Conferences and Live Talks to all my friends who have young children. I talk about you with my Montessori colleagues. I tell my parents at the nursery where I work as a teacher. I would stand on a mountain and tell everyone. We all need to help educate the next generations if we want peace in this world. Thank you for the inspiration, knowledge and experience you share. Thank you for your hard work!

Aliya, UK

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Guide & Grow has received numerous awards for our innovative approach to early childhood education, celebrating our commitment to Montessori principles and family empowerment.

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