Explore our suite of Montessori courses designed to empower your parenting journey. Discover the perfect program to support your child’s development and enrich your family’s learning experience.

Montessori for babies and toddlers (0-3)

Montessori Beginnings

Navigate early childhood with grace, confidence and profound understanding. This course covers all aspects from your child’s development, from fostering independence, joy and resilience, tackling tantrums, language growth, all the way to toilet learning. Equip yourself with the tools and insights needed to embrace parenting without needing to look elsewhere for guidance.
Montessori for children aged 3-6

Montessori Curriculum

This comprehensive online course includes 199 step-by-step videos, each dedicated to showing you precisely how to engage with the wide array of materials found in any Montessori classroom. From practical life exercises to sensorial activities, language, math, and science, this course melds hands-on learning with deep theoretical insights, empowering you to bring Montessori to life in your classroom or home.

Specialized courses

Montessori in a Nutshell

A talk series by Paula Lillard Preschlack that unlocks the essence of Montessori education. This series aims to enrich your understanding and cover key concepts to give you valuable insights to confidently implement and discuss Montessori practices.

Montessori Practice at Home

This course with Charlotte Snyder transforms Montessori theory into practical, everyday actions. It demystifies Montessori principles for your home, offering hands-on guidance to nurture your child’s independence and development.

Following the Child into the Future

A thought-provoking online course by Charlotte Snyder, exploring the relevance of Montessori in today’s world. It invites deep reflection on Montessori’s timeless principles amidst cultural shifts, offering insights on adapting for the future.

Toilet Learning: The Montessori Way

A course that transforms toilet learning from a challenging task to an opportunity for growth. Utilizing Montessori principles, it offers a hands-on approach to support your child’s journey to independence and confidence.

Parenting with Emotional Intelligence & Love

Led by Shawn Edwards, this course offers parents Positive Discipline and Montessori insights to enhance emotional intelligence and love in parenting, leading to changes in how families connect and communicate.