Unlock your Child’s full potential with a vibrant Montessori Hub for Parents & Educators. Equip yourself with practical and high quality Montessori resources to help you nurture the limitless potential of every child. 

This club is your backstage pass to practical wisdom,
resources, and a supporting community.

We are here to ensure that while you are taking care of the future – our children – someone is also taking care of you, every step of the way.

What you'll find inside the club

High-Quality Content

We believe in delivering excellence. That's why we curate high-quality content and invite top-notch speakers to share their expertise. Our commitment to providing you with the best guidance and insights ensures that you receive the tools and strategies needed to unlock your child's full potential.

Peer Mentoring Group

Sometimes, we all need a little extra support and perspective. And you're not just joining a community; you're finding your tribe. Our peer mentoring group offers a space for parents or educators to come together and help one another. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and seek advice from each other.

Regular personal guidance

Have burning questions on your mind? Our monthly live Q&A sessions are here to provide answers. Submit your questions throughout the month or during the live call, and our expert guide will address them. Overcome challenges and make informed decisions on your parenting and teaching journey.

Extensive video library

Deepen your knowledge thanks to the 150+ videos from world-renowned experts. Some will help you set up engaging activities even when you're short on time, others will guide you through discipline issues or emotional challenges. You won’t find such a vast collection of Montessori knowledge in one place elsewhere.

Live Coaching Sessions

Our LiveTalks bring together world's leading voices in education and parenting to share their insights and directly address your concerns. This is your chance to learn from the best authors, Montessorians and parenting coaches. Gain new perspectives, and deeply enrich your approach to education and parenting.

Enrollment will open soon!

And we will have a special offer for our Guide & Grow community. 

The lecturers are living God! What a treasure of knowledge they have and how profound their experiences are. I feel blessed to hear from them.  You have made it so convenient for everyone bringing into the common platform!

Lavanyaa, Australia

I believe that this project gives power to so many parents and teachers and has such a great impact on the world level.

Ana, Serbia

I am always amazed by the diversity in opinions and practices under the Montessori approach presented at your events.

Jill, Canada

It was a life changing experience. I am calmer, I know better, and it gives me a whole new perspective on how I see things and even how other people see me in a matter of seven days.

Nadiah, Malaysia

I am actually writing this email to compliment you and your team for your priceless efforts to bring good Montessori practice to people.
So thank you all for the time and energy you put into making us all better Montessorians.

Petra, Germany

The club is my everyday guru. It is a real refreshment in my life. I receive a lot of practical guidance for both private and professional life.

Andrea, Spain

I can’t thank you enough for organizing such amazing lectures! I feel as if I’m reading the best book in my life. I don’t know how you managed to find all these amazing people who gave so much effort and love in their presentations. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, so I applaud your efforts and truly appreciate your time to do this. I’m so blessed to be part of it and for sure I have recommended to all my friends. 

Snezana, Rwanda