Attention Span and Focus in babies & toddlers

In this video we will be discussing the expectations we put on our little ones when it comes to attention span and focus. A lot of the times we as adults question the fact that our child isn’t focusing on an activity or we are looking for ways to improve their attention span. We seem to compare our own children to others we see on social media – but we must remember that this is simply a 10 second or less clip captured and portrayed as “perfect” in a whole day of what could have been “disastrous”.

In the end it comes down to observing the child to look for patterns that are emerging and not about what you think they should be doing with the activities around them. Our children always find ways to show us what they are interested in if we take the time to observe them and by doing so it will change our exception that our child is bored or not paying attention.
Watch the video to find out more…

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