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Child Centered Sleep Support

Struggling with your little one’s sleepless nights? Or perhaps bedtime has become a battleground with your toddler or preschooler? If you’re on the hunt for answers, solutions, and peace of…

Art and Montessori!

Wondering where you should start with bringing Montessori art into the home or homeschooling classroom? Wondering what materials to start with or how to present it? Every Montessori home and…

Supporting the Multilingual Child

Do you have a multilingual household and have questions about the child’s language development? Wanting to teach the child a non-native language and unsure of where to begin? Looking to…

The Importance of Independence

Have you heard about independence in the Montessori Method and confused as to why it’s so important? Implementing Montessori and looking for ways to help the child become independent? This…