LIVE Baby and Toddler Development Q&A with Mariana Bissonnette

Wanting to learn how to support the baby based on their development? Have a child under two and looking to implement Montessori? Looking for practical solutions to day-to-day struggles with a young child? Many of us struggle especially as new parents to discover our own parenting style and figure out the dynamic and routine of our new family. For those of us who also care for a work with children it’s important for us to understand the developments of the young child.

We have invited Mariana Bissonnette (Aauthor of Babies Build Toddlers) to join us in a LIVE Q&A session to answer all your questions about baby development! Mariana holds an AMI Montessori diploma for children ages 0-3 and 3-6 and has taught at each of those levels.

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