Montessori activities 12-15 months – Investigation Box

In this video we talk about child development and age appropriate activities for babies aged 12-15 months. These videos are instructional videos to be used with Guide & Grow Montessori Rental Boxes, however can be a guide for those who want to find out more about Montessori age appropriate activities.

Now your toddler will begin to investigate the world around them from a whole new perspective walking independently & starting to carry things. Pikler triangles are used to encourage this or any other climbing or moving equipment. They also start using two hands together & more complex hand eye coordination movements. To create more independence at home you can introduce garment racks so children have access to clothes & shoes, stools around the home for dressing and a learning tower for the kitchen.

Watch this video to give you some great ideas on activities and how to set up the environment to help your child thrive during this period!

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