Montessori activities 6-9 months – All about the senses!

In this video we talk about child development and age appropriate activities for babies aged 6-9 months. These videos are instructional videos to be used with Guide & Grow Montessori Rental Boxes, however can be a guide for those who want to find out more about Montessori age appropriate activities.

It is important to follow your child’s interests by carefully observing them and their cues as they engage in the following activities.

All about the senses! At this stage a baby is loving to explore all types of sensory items & activities as they begin to explore and understand the world around them and from a different perspective as they sit and start to crawl. Anything to stimulate sound, touch, taste, move they just love – even singing, social interaction and peek a boo games. Watch this video for some more ideas to engage your child at 6-9 months!

Be sure to check all the materials before offering them to your child to make sure all the pieces are safe and secure. * Safe proof their environment to allow for freedom of movement.

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