What is Montessori’s Potential for My Child?

Are you wondering what Montessori really has to offer your child? How implementing Montessori education or at home will benefit you, your family and child? What the potential outcome and goal can be for the child as they age from toddler to child, teen, and eventually adult? We have a great discussion coming up with Guest Paula Lillard Preschlack that answers these questions and more. In this guest session we will Discuss: What is Montessori HOW and WHY is works, Inspire and empower parents, educators, and caregivers …and more!

Paula was a teacher and the head of school at Forest Bluff School for over 25 years. She has given over 100 talks at Forest Bluff, other Montessori schools, teacher training courses, and conferences. Her work focuses on the principles and benefits of the Montessori approach. Paula attended Hampshire College and holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Loyola College in Maryland, has diplomas from the Association Montessori Internationale for Assistants to Infancy, Primary, and Elementary Levels, and she audited the NAMTA/AMI Orientation to Adolescent Studies. Paula is married to Jim Preschlack and has two children, now 18 and 20 years old. She loves horses, standard poodles, nature, hiking, skiing, reading, and laughing really hard with friends!

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