Mastering the Art of Communication

We are excited to bring you an engaging communication workshop to help you raise tomorrow’s children.

The Montessori Way of Communicating

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Communication Workshops

Ever hear yourself saying “No, stop, don’t do that, be nice, share!” Frustrated of not knowing what to say or do and feel like you are struggling to be heard or get through to your child?

Or maybe you are struggling to deal with some more challenging behaviour trying so many different approaches with no positive outcomes?

In just 2 HOURS, this workshop will transform the way you interact with your child teaching you practical skills and linguistic tools that will help you tackle those more stressful and challenging moments in a respectful and engaging way that actually works! It’s almost like magic and has been tested and trialed by so many families – read our testimonials to hear more!

This compact and practical workshop will help you understand how to stay cool, calm and collected. You will also learn how to build children’s skill set so that they have the ability to self-regulate, communicate effectively, learn about healthy boundaries and build their self-confidence and motivation to be the best they can be. Effective communication can turn tantrums into calm and respectful exchanges where your children have built skills that lay the foundations for life.

In fact, not only is this for parents and caregivers, we have even presented this communication workshop to educators, child care centers and council workers. Anyone who has ever done our communication workshop has been pleasantly surprised at the unique content, simple strategies and successful results they have seen once they implemented the methods, contact us below to find out more!

Some of the topics covered in the communication workshop are:

  1. Managing BIG Emotions
  2. Sibling Rivalry & Cooperation including Sharing!
  3. Alternatives to Time Outs
  4. Building Self-esteem 
  5. Toddler Independence

You’ll also receive a FREE Workbook with ‘real life’ scenarios and ample space to make notes.

Once you enroll, you’ll receive a link via email within 24 hours which includes your free workbook. You can start the communication workshop anytime – anywhere!

Join the thousands of parents, educators, caregivers and social workers who are raving about Guide & Grow’s communication workshops and see the difference for yourself!

Sylvia Arotin

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Sylvia.

I’m an early childhood expert and Montessori school director who is passionate about helping parents to confidently deal with the everyday situations that arise when raising children.

I created this seminar to help you communicate more confidently with your child and be more aware of your own thoughts and responses.

I know you will find this training helpful to reduce the stress, frustrations and challenging everyday moments to create a more harmonious home. Once you enrol, you can access the training and get started any time.

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