Child Centered Sleep Support

Struggling with your little one’s sleepless nights? Or perhaps bedtime has become a battleground with your toddler or preschooler? If you’re on the hunt for answers, solutions, and peace of mind, our LIVE event is here to come to your rescue.

Meet Our Esteemed Guest: Pascale Rochefeuille MSc, FdA EYE

Pascale, the genius behind Sleep Baby Bliss and its sister company Nature & Bliss (, is a seasoned Early Years Montessori Educator, Maternity Nurse, Holistic Sleep Coach, Parental Coach, and Baby Massage Instructor. Her remarkable contributions to the field won her the prestigious 2021 International Montessori Award for Researcher of the Year.

Born and raised on Reunion Island, Pascale is a staunch nature advocate who works relentlessly to promote healthy eating and sustainable lifestyle in the heart of London.

Come along, and let’s transform those sleepless nights into sweet dreams. Because when it comes to your child’s sleep, we believe in solutions, not lullabies.

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