Supporting the Multilingual Child

Do you have a multilingual household and have questions about the child’s language development? Wanting to teach the child a non-native language and unsure of where to begin? Looking to learn more about bilingual education and how to support the child in learning? LOOK NO FURTHER!! We are excited to discuss all of these topics in our LIVE event with Gabrielle Kotkov from Multilingual Montessori.

Gabrielle is an AMI 3-6 Montessori Guide and certified TESOL instructor, with a Master of Science in Child Studies. She has taught in New York City, London, Italy, and Austin, Texas. Her primary area of interest and study is language acquisition in young children, particularly multiple language acquisition. She speaks English, Italian, French, and a bit of Spanish. Gabrielle has a podcast and conducts workshops and consultations to parents and educators that support and teach bilingual/multilingual children.

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