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Are you a father struggling to break cycles or reparent? Maybe you’re a new dad trying to figure out parenting? Or perhaps you are the partner/spouse of a father trying to support them in their parenting role? If you are looking for answers then look no further!

Join us for an in depth session where we discuss the complexities of parenting, the important role of fathers, and focus on supporting fathers in their parenting journey.

We’ll dive into
•The impact of dads on child development
•Recent shifts in the role of fathers
•How to support and encourage fathers
💬 Featuring: Supporting Dads in Their Parenting Journey
🗓 Block your calendars for 12 June 8pm EDT (-4 UTC) / 13 June 10am AEST (+10 UTC)
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🌟 Meet Our Esteemed Guest: David Hargis M.A.
David is one of the geniuses behind Child of the Redwoods (along with his wife) and has worked as an educator in many worlds – from public schools to national non-profits to cutting edge start-ups. David is a product developer and technologist that focuses on business operations, product ideation, marketing, and design. He is also a father of two children that he and his wife homeschool.