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Have you ever wondered why Montessori teachers and parents often sit and watch as apposed to engage with the child?
Curious about how Montessori observation techniques can transform your home into a hub of connection, learning and growth?
Eager to connect with like-minded parents and explore the art of observation as a cornerstone of the Montessori method?

In this event we dive deep into the incredible world of observation, exploring the indispensable part that makes the Montessori method come alive. Join us for a unique virtual experience, where we unlock the secrets of Montessori observation and its impact in a home setting.

What to Expect:
– 🧐 Thought-provoking questions about the role of observation in Montessori.
– 👩🏻‍🏫 Expert insights into effective observation techniques.
– 🤝 Connect and discuss with a supportive community of parents.
– 💡Practical tips to begin Montessori observation at home.
– 🕵️‍♀️ Discover observation in relation to the child as well as the adult

⁉️ Who Should Attend:
This event is perfect for parents, caregivers, and anyone passionate about supporting children aged 0-6 on their unique developmental path. Whether you’re new to Montessori or a seasoned enthusiast, this event offers valuable takeaways for all.

🤩 Special Guest – Pamela Green
Pamela Green is a mother, Montessori parent, educator and consultant. She is Montessori certified from primary (preschool) through upper elementary (eighth grade), and taught and served as Head of School for twenty years.
Along with being an educator for over 26 years, she has also attended births in homes and in hospitals as a Birth Doula and assistant midwife since 1990. She currently is Founder and Director of Ananda Montessori Children’s House, where she facilitates a Montessori Parent-Infant and Child Program, as well as teaches Pre-birth education classes, and parenting workshops.
📆 Mark your calendar and let’s embark on this Montessori observation journey together. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your child’s growth, foster independence, and celebrate their unique selves!
Join us for an event that promises to inspire and empower!
🌟 Growth Through Movement: Year One Insights 🌟
 Ever wondered about the fascinating world of your baby’s first movements from kicking, to rolling, to their first steps?
Curious about how gross motor skills unfold during the crucial first year?
Eager to learn how to support your child’s gross motor development?

About the Event:
Join us for an immersive exploration into the development of gross motor skills in the first year of life. This virtual event invites parents , educators, and caregivers to unravel the mysteries of baby’s physical milestones, providing valuable insights into fostering healthy development.

⭐️ What to Expect ⭐️
– 💭 Thought-provoking insight on the significance of gross motor skills.
– 🌟 Expert guidance on observing and supporting baby’s physical milestones in the first year.
– 🤩Practical tips to encourage and enhance gross motor skill development.
– 🎉 Celebrate the exciting progress in baby’s early movements.
✨ Our Guest Speaker – Jeanne-Marie Paynel
Jeanne-Marie Paynel is a mother to 3, has a Masters in Montessori Education, AMI certified from birth to 6 years, a Certified Positive Discipline Educator, Birth Doula, Author, and Parenting Mentor.
👀 Who Should Attend:
This event is tailored for parents, caregivers, and those curious about promoting healthy gross motor skill development in infants during their first year. Whether you’re a new parent or seasoned caregiver, this event promises valuable insights to enrich your child’s early years.

🗓️ Save the date and join us as we delve into the wonders of baby’s physical development. Together, let’s nurture their growth, celebrate milestones, and embark on a journey of discovery!

🌟 Unlocking Montessori at Home: A Transformative Learning Journey 🌟
🤔 Ever wondered how to infuse the principles of Montessori into your home environment?
🤔Curious about creating a space that fosters independence and joy for your child?
Join us on a captivating journey of discovery as we delve into the art of implementing Montessori at home.

Embark on a practical and inspiring exploration of Montessori principles tailored for home settings. This event is designed to equip parents and caregivers with the tools needed to seamlessly integrate Montessori into everyday life.

🌟What to Expect🌟
– 🤩 Expert insights on creating routine and purpose in Montessori home environment.
– 😍 Discuss smart material choices
– 🏠 Practical and easy ways to transition to Montessori at home.
– 🗣️ Discuss vital modeling and non-material aspects of Montessori at home
✨Special Guest – Saniyyah Khalilallah
Saniyyah is a certified Montessori educator with over ten years of experience teaching children aged 3 to 6 years old. A passionate advocate of the Montessori philosophy, she shares activities that focus on practical life skills on her blog, skmontessori.com, and offers consulting and tutoring services to parents who are beginning their journey of setting up a Montessori-inspired homeschool environment. She lives in Brooklyn, New York where she continues to write, tutor, teach and consult
⁉️Who Should Attend
This event is ideal for parents, caregivers, and anyone eager to create a Montessori-inspired home for children aged 0-6. Whether you’re new to Montessori or looking to enhance your existing practices, this event promises practical tools and inspiration for your journey.

📅 Save the date and join us for an event that bridges the gap between Montessori philosophy and your home environment!