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The Montessori way of communicating based on International best selling books How to Talk so Kids will Listen written by Child psychologists Faber & Mazlish. Click video to buy!
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more info about the course

Did you know that through effective communication you can guide your children to grow life-long skills? 

Language can be so descriptive and meaningful, yet we tend to fall into the same habits of saying “Good Girl, No, Stop, Don’t" etc. especially when dealing with toddlers.

With technology in the home and so many factors influencing parenting in today’s modern society, many of us understand that times are changing. Research tells us that the most important time in a child’s life is the first 5 years, and that 80% of the child’s brain is developed by the age of 3. That number increases to 90% by the age of 5!

So, now is the time when raising children counts the most.

It is really important to equip yourself with the vital skills to help build a generation of children that are mindful, intrinsically motivated , self- confident, who have the ability to critically think and problem solve and thus, preparing them for life! Our Online workshop will teach you these skills while focusing on the following  5 Modules: 

  • 1.  Managing BIG Emotions

  • 2. Sibling Rivalry & Cooperation 

  • 3. Alternatives to "Time Outs"

  • 4. Building Self-esteem, and 

  • 5. Toddler Independence

  • FREE Workbook with "real life" scenarios and ample space to make notes (Included)

In this seminar we will reduce the stress and frustration to help maintain a healthy relationship and loving bond between you and your family and you’ll become more aware of your thoughts and responses, so that you can more confidently deal with those everyday situations as they arise. Purchase this 2 Hour Workshop for US$39 and watch it in the comfort of your own home at your own time! Click video to buy!

(Once purchased, you’ll receive your workshop within 24 Hours to start you on your journey to raising tomorrows children. An email will be sent containing a link to the workshops well as your free workbook)

This workshop is endorsed by NESA (National Education Standards Authority) and for those attending a live Workshop NESA accreditation will be received.

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