Best Montessori toys for ages 0-3 years!

By Sylvia Arotin

It’s always hard to know which Montessori activity/activities to buy for your child? Will they like it? Will they engage with it or will it just stay on the shelf? Is it the right activity for their age? We have compiled a list of our current favourite Montessori inspired toys that we have seen children love and engage with from our years of experience. These items can also easily be ordered from Amazon and will take the pressure off you browsing through thousands of items, not knowing if it is Montessori or not.

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ALSO, an added Bonus is that *90% of our list is UNDER $25!!

How great and easy is this? Here are some our FAVOURITE activities below!!

Babies (0-12 months)

When shopping for Montessori babies, we suggest, keeping materials as simple and as natural as possible. Avoid things that are too colorful, heavy and busy.

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Toddler (12 months to 2 years)

Remember that every child is different, and unique. Follow your child’s own interests and abilities when deciding what works for them! Here are just a few of our suggestions:

Two’s (2 – 3 years)

  • Schleich Farm World Animals – High quality animal figures that can be used for matching and language activities
  • Babushka Nesting dolls – Gorgeous eco friendly, natural safe wooden nesting dolls to stack and pull apart, hours of fun
  • Stacking Peg Board Set – Before everyone jumps on the ‘no-plastic-wagon’ we want to show you that some toys can be Montessori aligned even IF they are plastic! It’s great not only for posting and fine motor skills but this open ended peg board can be used in numerous ways! Endless construction and patterning, great for child development.
  • Toobs 100’s to choose from! The most popular: World landmarks, figurines, professions, vehicles and animals. All categorized ready for Montessori language activities.
  • Melissa & Doug Construction Site Vehicles Wooden Peg Puzzle – who doesn’t love construction vehicles! Quality brand Melissa & Doug always delivers
  • Boon Cogs Water Gears – loads of fun in the bath while developing trial and error.
  • Boon water bath pipes – Pour, tip, dump and have lots of fun with these.
  • Wooden memory game – Can be used in a multitude of ways. Colour matching, posting OR as a memory game.
  • Wooden Bees with tongs – Extremely popular with the little ones. Great for fine motor skill development and hand eye coordination.
  • Stacking Christmas tree – Get in the spirit of the Holidays with this stackable and colour graded wooden Christmas tree.
  • Practical Life sets – Supports multiple developmental skills: The Melissa & Doug cleaning play set promotes fine and gross motor skills and encourages imaginative play.
  • Kids stainless steel utensil set – Children’s first cutlery set. Perfect first set of cutlery specially made just for their little hands.
  • Hape colour shape puzzle
  • Pound & roller tower – For the child that likes banging and watching the magic happen.
  • Top Bright Wooden race track – Watch those cars race down. Hand eye coordination at it’s finest.

For a complete list of Montessori favourites visit Guide & Grow’s Shop

Please be mindful of small parts that can be choking hazards!
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