By Sylvia Arotin

So many parents / carers have been asking for advice and recommendations on which toys / activities are the best for their little ones… We listened and that’s why we’ve spent hours browsing through thousands of Montessori aligned activities on Amazon (so you don’t have to) and came up with this amazing bonus list, saving you valuable time and making it easy for you to get your hands on or even to share xx

Here are some of our FAVOURITE picks for you.

Puzzles and Shape Sorters

Hape First Shapes Toddler Wooden Learning Puzzle
This is a classic puzzle with colour recognition and smallest to largest learning. With very large knobs it is easy for your young toddler to pick up and try and match! A great first puzzle!

Shape Colour Recognition Geometric Sorting Board Chunky Blocks Stack Sort Puzzle
This is one for the older children, I would say 2+ with shapes, posting and colour matching opportunities, a classic in our classroom (although we have the tri-coloured Montessori version) this is a great and MUCH cheaper alternative!

Melissa & Doug Bug Catching Magnetic Puzzle
Encourages hand-eye coordination and imaginative play and fine motor development. Kids really LOVE this game and can also be used as a language activity.

Wooden Fishing and Worm catching games
How adorable and cute are these games and the kids will absolutely love catching the worms and releasing the fish. These activities will create endless pleasure to any toddler.

Lift and Learn Peterson’s Backyard Birds Puzzle
This gorgeous and detailed bird puzzle is great for the bird enthusiast, with labels, matching and being a puzzle it is a great addition to the language area of your home, not to mention fine motor skills for your 2 + year old.

Wooden realistic animal puzzle – Dog
I absolutely LOVE Doron Layeled wooden puzzles! Their realistic images and large knobs are the most beautifully crafted puzzles for young Montessorians. This would be suitable for 18 months +.

Wooden giant peg puzzle Farm Animals & Vegetables
I absolutely LOVE Doron Layeled wooden puzzles! Their realistic images and large knobs are the most beautifully crafted puzzles for young Montessorians. This would be suitable for 12 months +.

Kitchen and Food Prep

Toy kitchen play set
I know what you’re thinking, it’s a toy kitchen set? We can however use this in our language areas on a tray to promote the names of all different labels of pots and pans, colanders etc so it can fit quite nicely in your Montessori space. Then they can move onto role playing with them later, or your younger children might just like banging them to make some noise.

Apple Slicer wedger tool
One of the most sturdy and best apple slicers ever! Just place the apple in the middle underneath and watch the magic. You will need to assist with this tool and we recommend it for 18 months + with supervision.

Pro-Apple Peeler with core slicer
One of my favourite apple peeling machines PERFECT for practical life as the child can twist and turn the handle (working on their motor skill development) and watch all the skin come off! They just LOVE this activity, you can add some tongs and a bowl to make it into a practical life station!

Curios Chef Children’s Fruit & Veggie Prep Kit AND 3 Piece Nylon knife set.
Curios Chef is one of the MOST popular brand of kids kitchen tools on the market, known for their specific design and child friendly nature parents LOVE having these tools around so their child can help in the kitchen! Scrubbing, peeling, scooping, stirring. The knife set is one they can grow into. Use with supervision.

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Storage / Display

Wooden trays
It is SO HARD to find trays for your Montessori shelf! This set of 3 is great for you to display the activities on your shelf in an aesthetically pleasing way. I would recommend varnishing them with a natural varnish to extend longevity.

Realistic Animal Figurines
These animals are comparable to Schleich and for the price definitely worth purchasing! If you are thinking about doing “Northern American animals” this is a set definitely worth purchasing. Display the animals in one of the wooden trays above ?.

Musical Instrument Sets

Clave Sticks, Shakers, Tambourine, Wrist Bells & Maracas for Kids | Natural Toys with Carrying Case
The ULTIMATE music making instrument set! It has EVERYTHING you want! It isn’t so much a bargain when you look at the discount it offers BUT your child will absolutely LOVE this set, to have hours of fun and engagement!

Fun in the Garden
Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit – Grow Cosmos, Zinnia, Marigold Flowers

Get your green thumb out with this gardening kit! The thing I love about this is EVERYTHING is included AND it can be done indoors too. The pot can be painted, the flowers can be planted with everything you need in this kit! Children learn about plant life cycles and it is a chance for them to do some watering too!

The Controversial Rainbow

A BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL TOY FOR TODDLERS — These rainbow architect sets are stained with safety compliant colours that enable children to still see the natural grain of the beechwood. Designed for open-ended play, your toddler will delight in discovering their own unique uses of these arches. Give your toddler or child the opportunity to practice hand-eye coordination, colour and shape recognition and their imagination with these rainbow blocks! These rainbow stacking blocks are ideal for introducing STEM concepts. Construction, spatial reasoning skills, patterning and more! SUITABLE FROM 12 MONTHS OLD

So there you have it! A whole bunch of Montessori aligned activities which we recommend to you all available to order on Amazon, US and International. We hope that you have found these recommendations helpful and that it has saved you some time.

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