Given up on the day before it’s even started? There is a way to reset the day!

By Sylvia Arotin

Remember… it’s a two-way street.

Ever had a morning where everything and anything that could go wrong, did go wrong?…

Your child woke up in one of ‘those’ moods, bouncing off the walls, their breakfast ended up half on the floor, refusing to get dressed, fought with their siblings, you haven’t had a shower or even changed yourself and you can’t even deal with anything anymore…you just snap! The rant starts… “How many times have I told you…that’s enough, I’ve had it!”

Then the guilt sets in because you lost it and on top of it you look at the clock it’s only 8:05 am with another 11 hours to get through until a new day that you hope will be better than today.

What if I told you there is a way to reset the day, so you can not only cope with getting through the day, but you also feel empowered to start the day again even if things went a bit sour?

Two things in this situation that will help you get on top of everything again, number one let your children know what you are feeling, remember it is a two way street and you also have feelings and it’s important for them to realise and understand this. Not only to teach them that you are a person too (often we self-sacrifice so much we forget this) and secondly you give them the skill to learn to self-regulate.

Discover practical, easy-to-implement strategies to gently navigate your child’s emotional outbursts, while maintaining your own sense of calm.

Remember though you are NOT placing blame onto the child or shaming them you are describing how you feel: “I’m so frustrated, it’s been a really tough day and I am struggling” or apologise to the children if you felt like you may have lost your cool and the whole balance of energy is off “I’m sorry for yelling, I was just so frustrated and didn’t remember to breathe or walk away to take some time out”.

Not only does this reset the day, but you are being honest and open with yourselves and your children, and you will be absolutely surprised how much they will take the initiative and try to make it all better for you in an attempt to make amends.

Reset your day today!

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