5 Key Phrases to Encourage Cooperation

Raising children can sometimes feel like navigating a maze, especially when it comes to fostering cooperation. But fear not! We’re here to share some tried-and-true phrases that can make a world of difference in your Montessori home.  1. “In our home, we…”  This little phrase helps remind children of the expectations in the home. Children […]

Connecting with Nature: Helping Children Reveal Their Inner Strength

Maria Montessori once said, “When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength. Nature provides us with an abundance of rich sensorial experiences that are crucial for a child’s development. Their vision develops when they watch leaves sway in the breeze. Their hearing is stimulated when they hear birds chirping. A fragrant spring […]

4 Practical Tips for Implementing Montessori at Home

Montessori principles and practices can easily be brought into the home setting. Parents, caregivers, and educators can make a Montessori environment at home. Here are a few practical tips to help you embrace the Montessori philosophy and way of life for your little one. 1. Create a Prepared Environment One of the hallmarks of the […]

Montessori Baby Development: 6-12 Months

Knowing what to expect in your baby’s first year of life can help both you and your little one thrive. Here is a look at the exciting things to come during the second half of your little one’s first year of life. 6-9 Months At this stage, babies will begin using consonant sounds including b, […]

Montessori Baby Development: 0-6 Months

Knowing what to expect in your baby’s first year of life can help both you and your little one thrive. Here is a look at the exciting things to come during the first half of your little one’s first year of life. 0-3 Months A newborn enters the world very prepared from their time in […]

How and Why to Observe Your Child: Back to the Montessori Basics

As a Montessori parent or caregiver, it’s likely that you’ve heard others talking about observing their child or that you’ve been encouraged to do the same. You might find yourself confused about what observation has to do with helping your child. It just sounds so scientific, right?  Observation truly is a hallmark of the Montessori […]

6 Fun Montessori Activities to Celebrate the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about creating exciting, engaging activities to help your little one celebrate this special time of year. Don’t stress, though! The holidays naturally invite lots of practical fun that your child will love. Here are some of our favorite activities for children to celebrate […]

Cultivating Kindness, Grace, and Courtesy at Home

Grace and Courtesy lessons are a hallmark of the Montessori Method. They help children learn how to take care of themselves, others, and their environment.  Children develop an awareness and an understanding of their own thoughts and emotions and how to express them, while also learning how to respect others’ feelings and personal space. They […]

10 Powerful Strategies to Support Your Child’s Anxiety

Anxious behavior is common in children, especially as they encounter new environments or situations. Most children learn to cope with different worries and fears with coping strategies including avoiding particular situations, becoming withdrawn, or clinging to parents. Sometimes, however, a child may need a little extra support. Signs your child may need additional support include when they […]

Benefits of Practical Life Activities

As adults, there’s a lot we could learn through our children. They experience such wonder and awe for all that life has to offer and are fully present in every moment. Young children even view what we as parents, caregivers, and educators might consider ordinary and mundane tasks as engaging new challenges. Whether it’s tying […]

Supporting Cultural Diversity in a Montessori Home

More than one hundred years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori knew that the promise for our future and the hope for a peaceful world rested in the hands of children. She recognized that children needed to be educated about themselves, others, and the world around them in order to understand and appreciate diversity. As Montessori parents […]

Supporting Challenging Behaviors in Kids the Montessori Way

As parents and caregivers, we’ve all been there. Your child is throwing themselves on the floor, banging their fists, yelling, and crying. They’re hitting or biting their sibling. They’re throwing their food on the floor. Challenging behavior and big emotions are just a normal part of development. Yet, even if you know it’s normal and […]