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Coping with BIG Emotions

Does your child have difficulty with their emotions? Are you wanting to raise emotionally intelligent children? Do you struggle with frustration or staying calm while triggered? Emotions are tricky to…

Montessori Homeschooling LIVE Q&A Session

Ever thought of homeschooling? Ever thought of Montessori homeschooling? Even for children as young as 2.5 years old? Many of us have found that mainstream schooling may not be the…

Positive Discipline LIVE Q&A

Are you struggling with engaging cooperation, getting your child to listen, dealing with BIG emotions or just feeling stressed and overwhelmed by behavior? If this is you, then listen to…

Tame Triggers & Stop Shouting

In stressful and challenging times we often get triggered as parents or caregivers after hearing our name for the 100th time in one minute! I interviewed Stephanie Pinto to find…