Supporting Fathers in Their Parenting Journey

Live session with David Hargis M.A. Are you a father struggling to break cycles or reparent? Maybe you’re a new dad trying to figure out parenting? Or perhaps you are the partner/spouse of a father trying to support them in their parenting role? If you are looking for answers then look no further!

Child Centered Sleep Support

Live session with Pascale Rochefeuille MSc, FdA EYE. Struggling with your little one’s sleepless nights? Or perhaps bedtime has become a battleground with your toddler or preschooler? If you’re on the hunt for answers, solutions, and peace of mind, our LIVE event is here to come to your rescue.

Montessori to Support Neurodivergent Children

Live session with Daniella Boyd. Do you have a Neurodivergent child and wondering if the Montessori Method will work in your home? Are you a guide or caregiver wanting to learn more about Montessori as tool to support Neurodivergent children? Struggling to implement various therapeutic approaches and Montessori in your home? We got you covered!

Art and Montessori!

Live session with Spramani Elaun. Wondering where you should start with bringing Montessori art into the home or homeschooling classroom? Wondering what materials to start with or how to present it? Every Montessori home and school should have an art environment and materials to expose children to various mediums. This workshop is dedicated to Montessori Art and helping you incorporate it in your home.

Supporting the Multilingual Child

Live session with Gabrielle Kotkov. Do you have a multilingual household and have questions about the child’s language development? Wanting to teach the child a non-native language and unsure of where to begin? Looking to learn more about bilingual education and how to support the child in learning?

What is Montessori’s Potential for My Child?

Live session with Paula Lillard Preschlack. Are you wondering what Montessori really has to offer your child? How implementing Montessori education or at home will benefit you, your family and child? What the potential outcome and goal can be for the child as they age from toddler to child, teen, and eventually adult?

The Importance of Independence

Live session with Gavin McCormack. Have you heard about independence in the Montessori Method and confused as to why it’s so important? Implementing Montessori and looking for ways to help the child become independent? This live session will answer all of these questions and more! We will be discussing

Montessori Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

Live session with Pamela Green, Montessori Doula and Birthing expert. Did you know Montessori begins before birth? Come learn about the philosophy of Maria Montessori as it applies to pregnancy, labor, birth, and after baby is born. Learn the definition of a prepared inner and outer environment for adult and baby; the understanding that options, choices, and creating intention for birthing has great impact on the experience. We will be discussing Pre-birth education, Pregnancy Birth Postpartum… and more!

A Guide to Montessori Homeschooling

Live session with Aubrey & David Hargis. This is a MUST for anyone thinking about homeschooling using the Montessori approach. Already committed to homeschooling and confused on how/where to start or struggling? We can help! Montessori Homeschooling is vastly different from traditional homeschooling and from Montessori at home. In this LIVE we are taking a deep dive into what Montessori Homeschooling can provide for the child, how it differs from Montessori at Home, and realistic expectations for adult taking on this beautiful and science based pedagogy.

Difficulties in Montessori Parenting

Live session with Junnifa Uzodike. Montessori parenting is just as difficult, if not more so, than traditional parenting. Do you ever ask yourself “Why am I struggling with parenting?” or “I love my child so why do I feel guilt, loneliness, and like I’m not enough sometimes?”. We have all been there as parents and caregivers. We want to ensure we are welcoming these difficult conversations to bring awareness as well as relief to those experiencing it.

Coping with BIG Emotions

Does your child have difficulty with their emotions? Are you wanting to raise emotionally intelligent children? Do you struggle with frustration or staying calm while triggered? Emotions are tricky to navigate, especially for those that are reparenting and we are here to help! Want to find out more about BIG emotions? Tune into my LIVE […]

LIVE Baby and Toddler Development Q&A with Mariana Bissonnette

Wanting to learn how to support the baby based on their development? Have a child under two and looking to implement Montessori? Looking for practical solutions to day-to-day struggles with a young child? Many of us struggle especially as new parents to discover our own parenting style and figure out the dynamic and routine of […]