Montessori activities 9-12 months – On the move

In this video we talk about child development and age appropriate activities for babies aged 9-12 months. These videos are instructional videos to be used with Guide & Grow Montessori Rental Boxes, however can be a guide for those who want to find out more about Montessori age appropriate activities.

It’s all about the gross motor skills and movement at this stage! Pulling up, kneeling, standing upright, rolling balls. Placing furniture (couches, cushions) to cruise on is important and push wagons are great! They are also developing their hand control & hand-eye coordination, able to poke & point and hold large objects in both arms. It’s also the start of self care in regards to exploring self-feeding and other practical life activities.

Watch this video to give you some great ideas on activities and how to set up the environment to help your child thrive during this period!

Be sure to check all the materials before offering them to your child to make sure all the pieces are safe and secure. * Safe proof their environment to allow for freedom of movement.

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